Friday 17th December 2010

The team

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Jimmy P
Jimmy Star Sign:
Favourite Car: Pagani Zonda
Favourite Bike: Ducati 1098R
Favourite Food: Ketchup and garlic bread
Likes: dancing, dance offs, shooting the pigeons, lattes, doughnuts
Dislikes: Fat birds, waitresses, cheats, not having ketchup with his meal

A man born a mere 25 years ago, with the combined enthusiasm of several men twice his size. The main reason we have a website and forum is Jimmy’s badgering of Dave to get it up and running. Chief instigator of most BIALI nights out and a highly skilled dancer with many signature moves – Shooting the Pigeons, The Lasso, Dealing the Cards. One of the original owners of the first MKIV R32s in the UK, also one of the few who has had his fair share of trouble with it. Several engines and numerous flywheels its now long gone but not forgotten and replaced with a yellow Ducati 748. Due to his extensive driving knowledge and huge skill behind the wheel of most vehicles (we’re anxiously waiting to see if he can master the 2 wheeled variety), he is usually referred to as The BIALI Stig.

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Dan Star Sign: Cancer
Favourite Car: McLaren F1 GTR
Favourite Bike: Ducati 1098R or Desmosedieci
Favourite Food: All of it
Likes: Cars, bikes, eating
Dislikes: Not eating

A product/industrial designer by degree, always ready to pitch in and has more confidence than he should do when it comes to messing with cars. A MKIV R32 owner with too much money invested in it to sell it. Has had several motorbikes, and a few VWs. Not a man of many words and doesn’t like to talk just for the sake of talking. Never has a story to tell and probably the quietest BIALI member. Has begun expanding the BIALI empire into the manufacture of bespoke parts and prototypes going under the name ‘BIALI Design’ based in the BIALI Workshops and resides in BIALI HQ, which doubles as the BIALI Hotel in times of need.

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Dave aka Ritey
Dave Star Sign: Capricorn
Favourite Car: Mini
Favourite Bike: Triumph Daytona 675
Favourite Food: Anything sweet
Likes: Cars, bikes, eating, keeping fit, girls
Dislikes: Computers

Our resident web monkey and IT specialist. An avid hillclimber and racer. Very talented but understated. A dark horse with the women too (check out his facebook for confirmation). The man behind the website. A recent foray into all things healthy has seen him purchase a kayak. It needs the BIALI touch and we’re confident the Mini engine from his racecar will fit. Dave is the unsung hero of the BIALI website. Late nights and constant revisions to the layout and content are par for the course and we are eternally grateful we have him onboard. Lets hope he never sends us the bill for all his hard work.

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Robin aka RedRobin
Robin Star Sign: Aries the Ram
Favourite Car: VeeDub MK5 GTI with air horns and LED DRLs
Favourite Bike: Time Trial Condor custom-built
Favourite Food: Meat
Likes: Air horns, DRLs, pink, carbonfibre, any sexual innuendo
Dislikes: Not being allowed to post his extensive collection of half-naked women on any of the forums he belongs to

Robin has almost as much enthusiasm for all things BIALI as Jimmy and with his background in logo design and branding, has proved a useful addition to the team. He is solely responsible for collaborating with our affiliates and convincing them to allow us use of their logos. He has a varied background in music and plays many horns and pipes, although best not mention the furry ones he has at the back of his car. On the subject of his car, it is highly modified and one of his pride and joys, the other being his daughter. He is the only team member who has to write his memoirs as the stories he tells of his life are mesmerising. He has the lust and passion for life reserved for a man half his age and his dedication to the BIALI cause is unsurpassed.

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Roy aka Royster
Roy Star Sign: Virgo
Favourite Car: Ferrari F40 or Lamborghini Gallardo
Favourite Bike: N/A
Favourite Food: Pizza,steak(from Churchillian) ketchup, any type of fry up
Likes: cleaning cars, tractors, house and old school rave music, nights out, Sci Fi and anything AV
Dislikes: new school house and rave music, leaving a night out early, losing his keys, nice cars that are dirty and paying taxes

Roy is the resident detailing guru. His skill with a rotary polisher is legendary. A big man who is surprisingly light on his feet. Another member who has had his fair share of VWs in the past, most notably his immaculate MKIV R32 5 door which has been replaced by the A4 Avant 1.9TDi QUATTRO. Not afraid to get his hands dirty and pitch in, although his confidence is actually justified, with skills derived from years of tinkering with his own cars. Roy is usually responsible for picking up a night that is about to fall flat on its face, and for documenting the whole thing on his camera phone. His daughter, Victoria, has the BIALI spirit in her too, and can often be seen in her BIALI top. Her keen fashion sense has helped on more than one occasion when choosing colour schemes for teamware. Roy is also well known for his love of audio visual technology.

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Lee Star Sign:
Favourite Car:
Favourite Bike:
Favourite Food: Starbucks, Eaton mess

Another IT guru and car nut, Lee has owned (and crashed) more cars than we have space to mention them. Currently in a Porsche Boxster S which rivals Roys car for the Shiniest award. Incredibly generous with the keys to it. Has recently been on 2 of the BIALI nights out and lived to tell the tale. His quiet nature belies a quick driver behind the wheel and a sharp sense of humour. His coffee making skills are second to none. Lee shares Roys love of food and we believe holds several eating competition records, although none are confirmed. He’s not often seen without an Eaton Mess by his side and a skinny wet latte in his hands.

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