Friday 17th December 2010

Welcome to Biali Motorsport

And so it was written, that out of the fires of the internet, in the year 2006 AD, BIALI Motorsport rose majestically like a flaming Phoenix, into the night sky.
A beacon, a ray of hope, a guiding light for all those plunged into an eternal darkness ofdespair as they fought valiantly to undo the wrongs they had inflicted on their car.

Ask yourself, have you ever needed to use gaffer tape or cable ties to hold a repair or modification together? Ever superglued a part back together,having broken it whilst trying to repair something else? Run out of the correct bolts or screws and resorted to using the packet of cheap wood screws you keep in the big tin in the shed with all the other miscellaneous fixings? If you answered yes to any or all of these, then you will enjoy displaying your BIALI Motorsport branded merchandise with pride.

Biali Motorsport

We represent a lifestyle, a logo which is associated with the enjoyment and satisfaction of owning, modifying and driving cars, bikes, tractors, in fact anything with an engine.

BIALI Motorsport - the only motorsport company without a clue......or a workshop......or an office......or a race team. For guarantees and high quality workmanship we urge you to point your mouse towards any one of our affiliates.